Are You a Grown Woman? Drop These Habits!>>They Repel Men Away From yOU

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Kuna tutabia twingine tuko na wanawake siku hizi….tutabia tunaudhi sana. Ni vile tu sisi saa zingine hatuwezangi kuwaambia.

Kuna miak ingine ikifika, unafaa tu kuwa serious na maisha, na maisha itakuwa serious na wewe….otherwise utakuwa unashindwa nini mbaya na wewe.

Ati as you progress in age, you retrogress in life. Nooooo, hizo mbili zinafaa kuendanisha!

I have taken my sweeeeet time to compile this for you!>> Pinch your ears, open your eyes and scroll and read till end!>>

Ladies, look…as you grow older, you need to drop some habits that make you come off as very immature. Some behavior is acceptable when you’re in your early 20s but surely, in your late 20s as you inch closer to your 30s, by that time you should know better. You should have evolved from a girl to a woman and you should act like the grown woman you are. Wondering what those immature habits are?

1. Over-posting on social media.

Of course, everyone is free to live their life as they wish but there are many advantages of keeping bits of your life private. The whole world does not need to know literally everything you’re doing with your life. That’s how gossip and jealousy start and before you know it, your decent life slowly starts crumbling down. I’m not telling you not to post anything, what I’m telling you is to limit what you post – avoid putting your entire life out there. Plus, girls, there’s a trend that’s picking up on Instagram that I find uber immature. When someone is unhappy with another person, they immediately go to Insta stories and write an encyclopedia calling out this person and tagging their entire clan and basically letting the whole world know what the issue is. What happened to calling each other, meeting up and settling your scores like adults? Just quit that shit girls.

2. Unnecessary drama.

At 30 years old and you’re still pulling wigs in clubs and splashing drinks at people? C’mon. Have some class. There are better ways of solving issues than being rachet about it.

3. Expecting a man to take care of all your financial needs.

The older you grow, the more financially stable you should aim at becoming. Be the kind of woman that can handle her own and bankroll herself. If you want to walk into a restaurant and spoil yourself with a glass of wine or plate of food, you can comfortably do that without harassing someone’s son for money or to take you out. That ‘why should I spend my own money when I can spend another man’s instead’ mentality is pretty immature. It’s acceptable for young girls without money but no, not from a grown ass woman.

4. Dating bad boys.

How long will you date men that take you nowhere? Sure, we are all allowed to go through the bad boy phase; but at one point, we have to wake up and smell the coffee. Bad boys are just that – bad boys and sadly, a majority of them never mature. They end up as washed out bachelors. If you’re still crying over some bad boy in your late twenties and early 30s, please do yourself a favor and grow up.

5. Holding grudges.

I see this all too often. If you think about it, life is way too short to hold a grudge with someone you once loved and shared secrets with. I agree that friendships end and people evolve and that’s fine. But you can forgive someone and move on without holding grudges. Don’t be the kind of person that cannot attend a certain party because so and so is invited or the kind of person that asks another friend to stop speaking to a certain person because you and that person are not in good terms. What are you? 12?

6. Having a check list when it comes to dating.

This was common way back when but seriously, if you rely on a list to find your future husband, you might wait for so long. Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s okay to have standards and not want to settle for less than you deserve but you should be able to drop some of the items in the list and compromise if the guy is good enough. For instance, imagine you meet a man that checks everything in your ‘list’ except for tall. Will you not date him simply because he’s the perfect gentleman but boohoo, he’s short? If that’s the case, then good luck finding your prince charming because truth of the matter is, no one is perfect, we simply learn to accept people with their flaws.

7. Acting like a teenager when dating.

What do I mean by this? For starters, leading men on and giving out fake numbers. If you don’t want someone, simply tell them that you do not feel the same way instead of leading them on. When dating, stop withholding sex from your boyfriend or giving him silent treatment as a form of punishment. Remember that communication is key in every relationship and failure to talk about what’s bothering you will only make things escalate.

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