You are cutting his legs, thus he cannot chase you anymore

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Have you ever wondered why some guys put so much effort in the beginning, and then all of a sudden they stop trying? While in the majority of cases the reason is them being assholes, there are also some situations where YOU might be the culprit for such behavior.

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You see, guys are pretty much wired the same way, and they all stick to the same old pattern chase and win. And if you disrupt that pattern, you will kill their interest without even realizing it.

So, if you’ve noticed that your guy has been acting distant and different lately, there’s a chance that you’ve killed his interest in chasing.

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There’s nothing wrong with being honest about your whereabouts and life in general, but you need to find the balance. If he knows everything about your life from A-Z, your habits, every pet you’ve ever had, family, friends and even your plans for the next ten years, he will stop being interested in you.

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Asking for what you want is something every woman should strive for nowadays. If you’re not satisfied with something but you’re having problems telling him that, you’re deliberately denying yourself happiness only to make him feel good which is totally unsexy, now you know.

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