The Most Complicated Person is in infact not a Woman, but a Kenyan Man

There is nothig as complicated as a Kenyan Man. The myth that women are complicated is exactly what it is; Just a myth.

Kenyan Men are the hardest species in this world to decipher. Sometimes guys just give you mixed signal and you’re left wondering what on earth they want.

There a times a guy can actually like you but they tend to pretend like they don’t. Guys will try cover and mask their emotions by putting a macho front with a big ego. The thing is if someone doesn’t like you he will not even give you mixed signals but a guy who likes you will try and be in your life but will pretend he doesn’t like you.

1. He feels you deserve better than him

Deep down he actually believes you deserve better and he doesn’t think he can be able to deliver what you would want. Sometimes men also don’t want to feel burdened when they have enough problems of their own.

reasons why he is pretending not to like you
2. He thinks you’re not over your ex 

If you keep talking about your ex and keep telling him about how great he was, then this means you are not over your ex which just pushes the guy who likes you away. He will probably tell you that you’re not ready for anything else and that it’s best to stay friends.

alpha female
3. He thinks you don’t like him 

You haven’t given him any positive feedback every time he has tried to make advancements. If you keep giving him negative feedback it basically means you don’t like him, men like to chase but if you don’t like him it’s best to just tell him.

confident women in bed
4. He is not yet ready to commit 

Commitment is an issue for him because he still wants to fool around even if you’re serious. He knows you’re the kind of woman he would want to be with but if he tells you he will definitely break your hear, please believe him and stop insisting.

Image result for He is not yet ready to commit 

If you have a good man who seems to like you, you should talk to him about it. Try and understand what his vision is and if you don’t like him I suggest you just tell him the truth because no one’s time should be wasted.

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