Rap Queen Cardi B confesses to getting surgery done to look good after giving birth

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Everyone loves Cardi B for her honesty and her most recent revelation sure rocked the online sphere.

Before the Rap Queen took some time out of her busy schedule to absolutely slay the Met Gala red carpet last night, she confirmed during a performance in Memphis this weekend that she actually did get liposuction after the birth of her daughter, Kulture.

“I have some news for y’all,” she said during her concert on Saturday. “I should have canceled today. I shouldn’t really be performing because moving too much is gonna f*ck up my lipo. But b*tch, I’m still gonna get my motherf*cking money bag, let’s go!”

Okay! That’s that!! Cardi B has definitely talked about plastic surgery before. Last week, she admitted she had her breasts redone.

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“I just got my boobs redone,” she said. “I feel good, but then sometimes I feel, like, not, you know? [When] your skin is stretched out. Yes, my daughter f*cked me up. She did. She so did.”

And right after she had Kulture, Cardi talked about how she thought about getting liposuction because she didn’t feel like herself anymore.

“I still feel like I got a lot of love handles right here,” she said. “It’s not much but it’s like—I’m used to having, like, a real tight stomach….I might just get a little lipo, you know what I’m sayin’?”

But weirdly, a few months later, she showed off her totally ripped stomach in an Instagram Story, insisting she had never gotten lipo. “I never did lipo, bro. Never,” she said at the time.

Sooooo it’s pretty unclear when she actually had this surgery, but it sounds recent from what she said onstage. Either way, if these things make her feel better about herself, that’s the only thing that matters. Do you, Cardi.

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