Miguna Miguna reveals how much Raila was paid to betray Luos

Embattled lawyer Miguna Miguna has said that former prime minister Raila Odinga was paid 30 pieces of silver by the Jubilee to betray Kalonzo and Musalia.

Uhuru Kenyatta appointed 15 out of 18 ambassadors; 13 out of 34 Principal Secretaries; 90% CEOs of Parastatal & Treasury CEOs; and 99% senior staff at State House, NIS, Military Intelligence exclusively from his Mount Kenya elite only while Raila has announced public rallies to promote his HandChieth with Uhuru Kenyatta.

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Miguna said Raila received zero concessions from Uhuru Kenyatta. Zero apologies for stealing the 2017 elections. Zero concessions for killing and maiming Raila Odinga supporters. Nothing. Zilch!

“Kenya belongs to all 45 ethnic communities and 50 million of us; not just to the few Kikuyu elite looting our resources, grabbing public land and oppressing Kenyans!,” he said.

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Before accompanying Uhuru Kenyatta to China, Raila announced to Luos that he would return with Shs. 368 Billion loan to build the SGR from Naivasha to Kisumu. Instead, he returned empty handed. Uhuru Kenyatta brought back avocado deals for Murang’a and money to build Konza City for the elite from Mount Kenya.

Kenyans want jobs, food, healthcare, well-equipped schools, water and infrastructure; not HandChieth rallies!

Patriots, take out your revolutionary arms. We are at war with both the despots and the renegades.

The notion that renewed closeness between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nasa leader Raila Odinga is a plot by the Kenyattas to pay a political debt to the Odingas or prepare the country for an Odinga presidency wrong.

Their association is informed by the recognition that their continuous rivalry has caused great trouble and put their personal and family interests at stake. Therefore, if they don’t deal with the issues that divide them, even their wealth will go up in smoke.

They are brought together by a common objective to reduce rivalry and secure the social, political and economic achievements they have made for their families and friends since independence, and for the future.

It might not be true with this handshake Raila wants to be President with Kenyatta’s support. My thinking is the two gentlemen want to determine who becomes the President.

They want to tower above everybody else and say this handshake, contrary to what people were saying, was not done for themselves.

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