Kenya’s Afro-soul queen back with a New Hit

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Kenya’s Grand afro-soul queen Hulda Serro’s debut single ‘Rongai’ got a massive positive reception. She then released ‘Okello’ that took the same wildfire effect and the world keeps expecting more.

She’s now back with another Banger dubbed “Ya Dunia.”

Serro is keen to pen her lyrics to address relatable life experiences. This is why her songs are received with great enthusiasm. Just like her former creations, her new ‘Ya Dunia’ speaks of modern social trends. This particular one touches on the double lives of the local entertainer. Serro explains though they might look successful and appear to have their lives figured out on social media, in real life, they are struggling and just trying to get by.

She also heartfully addresses the perception most people have of celebrities living lavish since they grace screens, airwaves and magazine pages. They fall in the societal view pressure, when in the real sense, off camera they are normal humans. The colorful pictures when they wine with Kings is a mask and behind it is a story of a struggling human.

Serro’s style takes her signature deep African vibe with an exquisite afro-acoustic feel. ‘Hayeyee’ adlibs give the song an authentic African ‘Lion King’ wave, and that makes this track addictive.

The video takes a simplistic approach just taking Serro in her thoughts and in her feel playing her guitar to what we now consider, the most perfect song on the airwaves. This jam is the definition of perfection.

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