Games You Should Play To Boost Your IQ

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The brain compares to the hard drive in a computer. It stores a lot of information and is the command centre for your entire body. Therefore, the brain has the largest storage capacity known to man. This means that we retain a lot of information making it harder to retrieve the important ones. this can be improved by training and exercising your brain. Here’s a list of games that improve brain functions.

1.    Crosswords

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Apart from improving your vocabulary, this games are the go-to game for improving your brain’s cognitive function. Science shows that crosswords are a great way to keep the brain sharp hence reducing the risk of suffering from dementia later on in life.

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to buy a newspaper to find a crossword. There are a number of crossword games on Playstore that are also free to download.

2.    Jigsaws

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Jigsaw puzzles have been used since the 17th century as an educational tool in both children and adults. Test your brain’s capability to find solutions with this game and master the art of problem-solving. Since jigsaws exercise both sides of your brain, you’re able to learn how to simultaneously use both sides in your daily life as well.

3.    Chess

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There’s no doubt that chess is purely a mind game but to what extent does it help with brain functions? This celebrated board game pits two players against each other to make the most convenient moves for the win. It’s a game that aid in strategic thinking and improves the logical function of the brain. It also helps with pattern recognition helps stimulation memory. Chess is highly recommended for children as it can improve their IQ levels.

4.     Sudoku

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This is quite the brain workout. Sudoku involves math, strategy and logic. Basically, this engages the left side of the brain which carries out these functions. It can be relaxing since it requires your full attention thus distracting you from other thoughts. Additionally, you get a sense of accomplishment once you complete a Sudoku challenge because it’s not the easiest thing to do.

5.     Video Games

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Video gaming has been a popular form of entertainment for a long time. Since the age of Nintendo and Sega, these game consoles have provided an avenue for children and adults alike to keep themselves occupied. Certain video games also play a key role in boosting brain function. Highly engaging games help improve memory and concentration. They also help improve a person’s ability to identify visual and spatial relationships among objects. 

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