Ladies, these might come as a shhocker but Men also want to be touched same as you.

Book upon book has been written about how much ladies need foreplay but no says anything about the boys. Manz need love too fam.

Here is a list of ways and places a man wants to be touched during foreplay

1. Touch his inner thighs

Thick thighs save lives and they could save yours too, only if you touch them. There is nothing quite as earth shattering as running your nails over his inner thighs. Try it.

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2. Suck his fingers

Next time you’re with your man. Kiss the palm of his hand, look him in the eye and suck each every finger on his hand. This will put all sorts of hot thoughts in his mind and rev his engine.

Image result for black woman licking fingers
3. Give his beard some love

Beard gang, we have heard your cries and we are here to tell the ladies that beards are the key to the big o. Touch your man’s face and beard. Compliment him on how nice it makes him look. It’s literally the whole reason they grow those face blankets. Right?!

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4. Put the neck in necking

Sometimes all a man wants is someone to kiss, lick and bite the side of his neck. Sometimes they want a hickey. All you have to do is ask ” Do you want a hickey or nah?” and watch him melt at your feet in anticipation.

Image result for black man neck

There is no excuse to demand foreplay and give it as good as you get it from your man. So go on and surprise your man today. Tell us all about interesting places you’ve touched your man lately in the comments below.

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