Why getting back with your Ex could be a bad idea

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In the ever-evolving digital space, reconnecting and communicating with old friends and past lovers has grown easier with time. Finding out clues about your ex’s marital status and contact details is at times just a click away.

As much as it would be easy to fall in love again with an ex as opposed to meeting a total stranger and igniting something with them, it should come as no news that there are dangers to firing up an old romance.

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It’s little wonder that most couples around make a match of past lovers who somehow managed to find love again in each other’s arms. However, there’s an essential need for rules of engagement so as to mitigate some of these dangers:

1. Facing the past

Depending on the couple’s history and reason for the break-up, facing past demons and conquering them could make or break the relationship.

2. Uncertainty

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Compared to new relationships, the threat of a break-up is far more real when dating an ex. Insecurities and uncertainties about history repeating itself might just haunt love out of the relationship.

3. Close-mindedness

Being cautious and unaccepting of the fact that your ex might have changed and grown in the duration of the break is common in these relationships. Couples fail to admit that time has a way of changing people.

4. It’s just a rebound

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In a moment of loneliness, humans seek comfort in something familiar. Exes offer the best option in this regard. Intentions and feelings tend to be obscure in these moments.

5. Heartbreak all over again

This is the greatest danger of them all. Couples might find it pretty difficult to overcome another heartbreak. A repeat of grief might prove too overwhelming for some.

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