Waititu On High Alert as More “Stones” Are Thrown His Way

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Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro has asked Governor Ferdinand Waititu to step aside to allow investigations on financial impropriety.

He said the financial crisis dogging the county can only be fully unearthed and addressed if Waititu steps aside to allow independent investigation. The DG said Waititu’s continued stay in office would only worsen the situation.

Speaking in Kikuyu yesterday, Nyoro said he and some civic leaders had raised the red flag over the county’s spending.

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“MCAs went to court to stop the implementation of the county supplementary appropriations budget worth Sh16.5 billion after they discovered anomalies,” he said.

“As we talk, the county is in the reds because it was ordered to revert to the 2018 budget and I know it has no money,” he added.

He accused Waititu of running down the county in a record 15 months noting that he operates it like a personal business. But in response, Waititu said his deputy was being used by his enemies to tarnish his name.

“Last week, nominated MP Maina Kamanda told Nyoro to be prepared to take over from me because I am headed to Kamiti,” he said while dismissing Kamanda as the most corrupt individual.

“It bothers me when I see and hear the likes of Kamanda fronting the fight against corruption. I have known him for many years and I have detailed facts to proof that he has acquired prime public land in Nairobi corruptly,” said Waititu. He claimed that he is being set up deliberately because of his unwavering support for Ruto.

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