Unknown Details about New Govt Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna

He came into the limelight when the Kenya Defence Forces entered Somalia to battle Al-Shabaab militants in 2011.

Colonel Cyrus Oguna became KDF’s public face. The eloquent speaker conveyed with enthusiasm progress made by the forces in Operation Linda Nchi.

He drew praise from many over the way he handled tricky questions from nosy journalists.

Department of Defence's Colonel Cyrus Oguna during a status briefing on the 'Operation Linda Nchi' at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Nairobi November 12, 2011. Photo/FILE

On Tuesday, he was appointed as the new government spokesperson to replace the inefficient Eric Kiraithe.

In a statement signed by ICT CS Joe Mucheru, the move takes effect immediately as the government rebuilds its communication structure.

Immediate former Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe addressing media at KICC on September 6, 2017

“In line with directions from the Executive Office of the President through the Head of the Public Service, the office of the Government Spokesman shall be domiciled at the ICT Ministry,” the statement read.

Oguna shall now have the oversight role of all government communication channels under the ICT Ministry.

Colonel Oguna studied Sociology at the Prestigious University of Nairobi. He also holds a Masters Degree from the same Institution.

The Retired Colonel faded from the limelight, when KDF forces joined the African Union Mission in Somalia in 2012. He was however one of the interviewees to take over as EACC CEO in November last year.

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