Unajua Duka Hu-Make How Much Kwa Siku? Come Nikushow Form….

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Most of the times, youth can drink away..or chew away(muguka/miraa) a business idea rendering themselves broke, yet they had the capital.

Cheki, wacha kutupa mbao, kuna bizz simple sana unaeza anza na tena na capital kidogo sana. Sijui kaa unajua hivo?

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Cheki morio…..unajua bizz ya duka inaingizanga profit ya how much kwa siku moja? This is an open letter an a success story from a youth who started a shop and he tells you how much his duka makes in a day.

A lack of funds to pursue my education drove me to an early work life, doing whatever came my way.

I didn’t have clearly defined goals or career objectives, and I imagined success is tied to how well-read one is. But that was until I realized that what constitutes success is the willingness for one to go the extra mile in their pursuits.

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I worked as a casual labourer at a construction sites for 3 years, and after failing to make much progress financially, I quit and got work as a shopkeeper’s assistant.

For the 5 years I worked as an assistant showed me that shop keeping is the best venture to go into judging by the returns in sales. I was however rendered jobless when the owner relocated.I dug into my savings and began buying cereals from farmers and supplying them to a school.

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When the contract ended, I invested the returns in a shop business. I’ve now been in this business for 8 years.Its challenges include low sales as people in rural areas don’t spend and when they do, it’s usually in small quantities.

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There are also those who take things on credit then fail to repay.Financial difficulties have also made a few to resort to bartering goods, but this can be tricky when they want to trade with perishable produce that’s slow moving.

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There’s also competition from other shops. On a good day, I make Sh800 and from Sh500 on slow days.  

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