Multiples of unemployed graduates run to ‘Mama County’ Passaris, for refuge

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The rate of unemployed youth seems to only get worse by the day, if the Twitter thread on Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris handle is anything to go by.

An unemployed, orphaned graduate opened the pandora’s box, in his tweet to ‘Mama County’ to give him a job since he has been searching in vain over time, and is undergoing depression due to the same.

This came as Ms Passaris was highlighting the plight of street children in the country.

His call fortunately fell into the ears of a willing Passaris, who asked what he studied in campus.

Although, Elijah, a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance student, did respond, the thread touched the hearts of many Kenyans online was left pending by the Woman Rep.

Since most saw Passaris’ response as a job in the offing, numerous youth came flooding Twitter with their degrees, and request for jobs

UNDP warns that soaring unemployment in the region, especially in Kenya, risks breeding runaway crime and violence. PHOTO | BD GRAPHIC
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The thread comes amid a concern that “universities are producing graduates faster than the number of jobs being created in the formal sector annually while many companies are laying off workers,” a Daily Nation report states. An ironic case given that a Kenya National Bureau of Statistics report revealed that the county’s economy is booming recording a 6.3 percent increase in GDP compared to 2017, 4.9 percent GDP.

A growing economy, but where are the jobs?

The situation does not get any better as companies keep laying off staff.

“In the last two years alone, 92,500 jobs were lost with the total number of employed Kenyans,” KNBS reports.

Many have in equal measure blamed the government, while others have charged fresh graduates to seek self-employed avenues instead of relying on formal jobs.

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