Kitui police in hiding after brutally beating up resident, leaving him for dead

A man in Kitui County was left in critical condition, escaping the jaws of death by a whisker after an altercation with a police officer.

Officers in Matinyani village are investigating the incident where a junior officer is said to have beaten the 40-year-old and left him for dead.

The policeman is said to have assaulted Lincoln Nzunza Kathumbi, who has since filed a complaint. Reports indicate that the youthful policeman sneaked from his duty station to his former station where he committed the offence.

Matinyani police commander, John Sawe, yesterday said the officer under probe is a constable currently assigned duties in Kasiluni, Mwingi North. The police chief said the officer reportedly attacked Kathumbi after the complainant went to the station to report an earlier incident where the constable damaged glasses and tables at a bar.

“The matter is before the DCIO. Police shall not take partisan position,” said Sawe. Earlier, there was panic at the station after a mob joined by Kathumbi’s relatives stormed in to demand justice.

The mob was incensed by reluctance by the police to provide a vehicle to take Kathumbi to hospital after the assault. The officers later succumbed to pressure and took him to Kitui Level Five Referral Hospital where he was heavily bandaged on his left arm and right leg.

He had also some injuries caused by a sharp object on his back and left leg. Kathumbi said the officer who was known to him waylaid him as he went to the station to report on an earlier incident where the constable had beaten him up after a disagreement at a local bar. A boda boda operator, Mathew Muthui said Kathumbi lay in a pool of blood after the assault by the police Constable.

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