Kenyans are baking cakes and, they’re so good at it!

Cake art is becoming a viral trend among Kenyans, those pushing it also seem to be very good at it, look at this:

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People do not want to meet and just celebrate with nothing more, nowadays every aspect of a party has taken a symbolic significance and people want things to have a meaning.

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A few years ago, a wedding cake was no more than just an averagely baked stuff that made people to attend the ceremony. At a wedding today, a cake is a demonstration of expertise and prowess, at times too, it tell part of the wedding story.

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Cakes are believed to have been first made in Europe and later moved to other parts of the world, unleavened breads are actually the precursors of cakes.

Cakes are believed to have first been baked in Europe during the ancient Roman empires, they spread with the human interactions and now cakes are not just foods, cake art is an expression of thoughts, feelings. If a wedding has no cake, the marriage won’t be sweet.

In Summary

How the cakes might have reached Mwihoko, Githurai Kenya and other parts of the world is indisputably by human interactions and now with the internet it is so fast.

Today in Kenya, event holders are using cakes to tell their stories. The cake eating event is so important that is usually the last part of any event

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Hii siyo mafuta ya kupika, this is cake baked in the shape of a mtungi

For instance, in the above photo courtesy of Joybells Cakes, the artist wanted to symbolize ‘uji’. Porridge is nowadays carried in such containers. Note that among some communities, porridge is a very significant drink in ceremonies. Sodas came to disrupt uji (a story for another day)

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People are baking cakes not just to eat, but even to leave a legacy and to speak about themselves

You thought that the above photo is Guinness beer pouring on a cup? No! this is Guinness cake. I believe this Guinness cake can also make it to the famous Guinness Book of Records.

Your guess as to who the clients for this cake were is as good as mine, people who love their drink.

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