What Travelling Alone Does To Your Soul

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You have to gather a lot of courage to travel alone. It’s not a matter of being ‘macho’ but just the confidence of not being with anyone. Of course, I’m not talking about business trips but leisure trips.

According to travel expert, travelling is good for the soul. They believe it is the time for travellers to take in the gorgeous views and explore on their own terms.

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Solo trip most especially will allow travellers to have space to gather their thoughts and put themselves first. He said many people wanted an escape to reflect and reconnect. 

Solo travel has always had a negative stigma and people have the perception that those who travel alone are lonely and sad about their lives. This is not true.

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Most solo travellers have healthy relationships but choose a solo trip to take a moment for themselves. They want to do that activity that no one else in their family or friend group wants to do, sample local cuisine and find solace in themselves. 

Most solo travellers aged between 30 to 40 years old embark on solo travel trips following a big life event. They use the trip to find their purpose and plan for the future. 

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