Watch out for These DEADLY Stroke Signs

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Stroke is a health problem that is so deadly and devastating.  It happens when a blood vessel carrying blood to the brain is blocked or bursts. Inadequate oxygen in the mind kills the cells making them stop working.

The best way to prevent stroke is to be keen on the signs and symptoms and report to a clinic or hospital as fast as possible.

Some of these quick signs are;

1. One body-sided weakness

2. Sudden loss of speech

3. Loss of balance

4. Sudden loss of vision

5. Consistent headaches

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The World Stroke Campaign has developed a quick question technique – an acronym – to recognize these quick ways to identify signs of a stroke. 

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The acronym is ‘F.A.S.T’

F – Facial expression; request the person under watch to smile, if one side of the body appears drooping, that’s a sign of stroke.

A – Arms; Ask the patient to raise both arms, if one side drifts downwards it is a sign of stroke.

S – Speech; derive up a sentence and request the person under watch to repeat after you if it is difficult to pronounce simple phrases they can be affected

T – Time; after recognizing these signs, it is quite important to call for medical help immediately.

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