Turn your Bedsitter into a Homey Space with these Tips

bedsitter hacks- Zumi

In Kenya, It seems like staying in a bedsitter is a rite of passage. It’s the starting point for most people especially after moving out of your parents house.Sometimes it can be a struggle living in a bedsitter or studio if you’re feeling a bit fancy.

When you move out of home for the first time you almost always will not be able to have the luxury life that you used to back home…and you regret taking your fridge for granted.

A lot of us young people are living in a bedsitter that is a better option because it may be closer to school or work, and just because it’s a small space doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into amazing living space.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Storage space

Whether it’s for your clothes, shoes and whatever else, make sure you have furniture that will serve more than one duty such as having some space for storage. If you’re lucky enough to have a TV, get a stand with drawers so you can squeeze in some of your stuff in there.

making bedsitter roomy- Zumi
2. Furniture

Place your furniture in a way that gives clear definitions of different parts of the house. If it’s your sleeping area, put the dressing table next to the bed and then the couch somewhere else in the room.

making bedsitter roomy- Zumi
3. Mirrors

I’m sure you can save up that money for dunda and invest in some mirrors for your new house. You can place these strategically to reflect light which makes the room appear larger.

making bedsitter roomy- Zumi
4. Windows

Windows bring in light and this gives the illusion that there is more space. Make sure your curtains or blinds don’t cover up the windows because this will leave your house feeling dark and crowded.

making bedsitter roomy- Zumi

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