How Nairobi County Chief Officer with Sh90k salary made 1.4 billion

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If you think Kidero is the only person behind Nairobi’s problems, then you are misled.

Former Chief Finance Officer Jimmy Mutuku Kiamba is alleged to have deposited nearly Sh1.4 billion to his private and business accounts in that short period of about six years against a total net salary of Sh5,821,309 at Sh90,833 per month.

Mr Kiamba, who is battling several corruption-related charges, will not just lose the Runda residence but assets worth Sh1.3 billion illegally acquired between August 2009 and February 2015.

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Majority of these deposits were made between 2011 and 2014 when Mr Kiamba, 41, served as treasurer of Nairobi City Council and later as chief finance officer of Nairobi County. However, the volume and the frequency of the deposits increased substantially in 2013 until December 2014 when EACC went to court to freeze his accounts.

Documents presented in court by EACC details a series of multiple cash deposits nearly on a daily basis to Kiamba’s nine accounts in five local banks. Five of the accounts are held in CFC Stanbic Bank Ltd while the remaining four are held in Standard Chartered Bank, Co-operative Bank, Equity Bank and Gulf Africa Bank Ltd.

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Of the five accounts at CFC Stanbic, one belongs to Jimbise Ltd, a company formed in 2010 and which Kiamba and his wife Tracy Mbinya Musau are directors.
However, only a fraction of the money, Sh45 million, was deposited in Jimbise’s accounts between April 2011 and October 2014.
Incredibly, between August 2009 and February 2015, Kiamba’s gross salary as a public officer was only Sh8.5 million, a yawning difference between his vast wealth and his known income.

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Mr Kiamba is among over 100 individuals whom the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and the Assets Recovery Authority are pursuing their property valued over Sh10 billion for recovery. They include government officials and well-connected individuals.

The court on Thursday heard how former Nairobi County Chief Finance Officer Jimmy Kiamba used his juniors to deposit huge amounts of money in his account.

According to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) Investigating Officer James Kariuki, Mr Kiamba used a driver attached to him as well as a security guard to make questionable deposits into his bank account.

In one of his houses located in the exclusive Runda Grove, former Nairobi County Chief Officer Jimmy Kiamba maintains the opulence and elegance that is associated with the neighbourhood, which is a favourite for the rich and famous.

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The property is in close proximity to the UN offices, Two Rivers Mall, Ridgeways Mall, Village Market, Brookhouse School and Potterhouse School.

Nonetheless, if a vicious on-going process of asset-recovery for property suspected to have been illegally acquired by public officials is finalised, this splendid piece of architecture will be forfeited to the Nairobi County government.

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