Billionaire Reginald Mengi’s Body arrives in TZ. Did You Know His 1st Wife?

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The mood was somber as Reginald’s Mengi’s body was lowered from an Emirates flight that had landed at the Nyerere International Airport.

The body of Tanzania’s and East Africa’s humblest billionaire Reginald Mengi who died on Thursday in Dubai has arrived at Julius Nyerere International airport on an Emirates flight.

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What most people did not know about the billionaire was that he had a first wife who is also now deceased. Her name was Mercy Anna Mengi who died on October 31st 2018.

Hundred mourners including relatives and friends gathered at the airport’s terminal 2 to receive the business man’s remains. Mengi’s works of philanthropy made him a popular figure.

After the procession which has several vehicles leaves the airport, it is expected to go though Nyerere Road, then Buguruni, Ilala, Kigogo, Kinondoni and Morocco before joining the New Bagomoyo Road to Lugalo Hospital

Thousands of Dar es Salaam residents lined up the streets where the body passed to have a glimpse of the remains of the famous business man whose works touched many lives.

According to the family spokesperson Michael Ngalo, the body will be preserved at Lugalo Hospital tonight, and tomorrow May 7 it will be taken to the Karimjee Hall, Dar es Salaam where the public will pay their final respects.

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On Wednesday, on May 8, the deceased’s remains will be transported to Machame in Moshi District, his ancestral home for burial that has been scheduled to take place on Thursday May 9.

Mengi who played a pivotal role in transforming the country’s media industry, among his other contributions, died on May 2 in Dubai where he was receiving treatment.

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Following his death, Tanzanians led by President John Magufuli and other prominent people in the country have sent condolence messages to the bereaved family of the business mogul, describing his demise as a huge lose to the country.

Dar es Salaam. Reginald Mengi was, arguably, one of the most successful businessmen in Tanzania. Forbes estimates Mr Mengi’s wealth to be $560 million as of 2014.

What is unique about the man is that he ventured in business at the time when doing so was considered some sort of a crime in the 1970s and early 1980s.

This gave him the tag of a ‘pioneer’ or even visionary. In his autobiography: I can I must I will: The Spirit of Success, Mr Mengi himself reveals the source of inspiration in his business undertakings; his elder brother Mr Elitira.

The brother’s business acumen was the source of inspiration to Mr Mengi from childhood. Mr Elitira continued to serve as a mentor later in Mr Mengi’s life. In addition to serving as the source of inspiration Mr Elitira, who is now deceased, also played a big part in financing Mr Mengi’s studies in Scotland.

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