Bags That Every Kenyan Woman Should Have

We all know that Kiondos are back in the trend, However, we need some trendy, fashionable hand bags in our lives this year. Now we have gathered 3 must have bags that every woman should have in her closet. If you don’t have these, then you are doing something wrong babes.

1. Geometrical Shaped Bags.

Every woman should own at least one geometrical shaped hand bag. The beauty of having such a bag is that it serves fashion girl. Have it for specific functions such as high teas.

bags ladies should own
2. The Shiny Tiny Clutch Bag.

When going for red carpet events and high end fashion events, you most definitely need a tiny clutch bag.

bags ladies should own
3. Black Structured Bag.

Now this bag is just not for our dear slay queens, ok? Every woman should have this would be a great option because then its just blends with any outfit you have on, right?

bags ladies should own

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