Weezdom weighs in on the state of Gospel industry

Gospel artiste Weezdom has weighed in over the state of Gospel music industry.

The Singer says that although some musicians are criticized for  embracing the secular world more than the gospel in their music; he has no power to judge.

Weezdom also went further to explain that as for him, he genuinely sings for God.

He also mentioned on the importance of getting saved and declaring publicly of the path of salvation saying that as long as an individual  has not denounced God, then he sees no problem.

Weezdom says it is not okay for gospel musicians to be more inclined to the world but he also understands that it is not easy to understand the personal relationship that person has with God.

Weezdom also maintains that he made a choice to fully use his God given talent to minister and serve God and therefore his purpose is in Ministry.

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He also revealed the one thing that hold him back saying that ‘anger’ is his greatest weakness and he has been trying to change on that aspect.

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