Raila devotes his full confidence on Babu Owino

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Embakasi East Member of Parliament Paul Ongiri famously known as Babu Owino has completely won the heart of the AU Infrastructure Development Representative Hon Raila Odinga.

Hon Raila Odinga has admitted that he has full confidence on Babu Owino.

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Speaking to Betty Kyallo Hon Raila was boldly stated his support for the young political leader.

On the Upclose show with Betty Kyallo, Babu Owino also stated that before he makes any political move he goes for advise from Hon Raila.

Babu Owino has compared Hon Raila Odinga to his father. Babu Owino has announced his bid to be the next Governor of Nairobi County.

But his ultimate dream is to lead the country.

HERE IS THE VIDEO OF Raila confessing of his confidence on Babu Owino

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