Ox reveals bad habit he carried from Arsenal

After returning to action following over a year off, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has revealed that Jurgen Klopp forced him to quit an Arsenal habit and urged him to shot whenever he found space.

The Reds midfielder recently returned to action after over a year out with a serious, long-term knee injury. Chamberlin picked up an injury in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals against AS Roma last season and suffered a set back in March when he was withdrawn after 41 minutes of a scheduled 45 for Liverpool ‘s Under-23s against Derby County.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Chamberlin revealed the Arsenal habit Klopp made him drop, “The lessons I learned at Arsenal helped me in so many ways, but it did mean I had to adapt when I left. The emphasis was different there. More about trying to find a better option. That was Arsenal’s way and it had worked for them well. So, when I saw a run and heard a shout my instinct would be to play it. The boss hates that.


“He would say: ‘I don’t watch you shooting all week [in training] to try to be (Andres) Iniesta and thread a pass.’ He would scream at me ‘SHOOOOOT!’ It goes in or it misses but in his head it is, ‘So what? Mo (Sala) and Sadio (Mane) are running in.”

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