NOPE! Things that are Too Much for Kenyan Men

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Believe it or not, as much as men love a good freaky woman to hang with in the bedroom, some things may be a bit much for them.

Some men are open about what they want but others prefer to suffer in silence because they are scared of hurting or offending you. Let’s help you out with these tips on what a lot of men just can’t with.

1. A bush

A lot of men prefer having it clean down there when it comes to pubic hair, trust us. Unless your man tells you otherwise, always make sure you have a proper wax when you’re planning on having sexy time.

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2. Faking it

Believe it or not, some men just prefer the truth. He would rather know you’re not climaxing then learn how to make you feel good. Plus if you fake it you’re just doing yourself an injustice.

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3. Moaning

We all know what an exaggerated moaning sounds like. Men hate this. Don’t scream and wake your poor neighbors up.

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4. Biting

You’re not chewing a piece of meat ready to swallow. Nibbling and biting softly feels good, but don’t hurt him in the process.

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5. Underwear

Now, ladies, you don’t even need to be schooled on this one. Men love seeing you in sexy underwear so do yours a favor and put in a bit of effort in the undergarment department.

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Would your man consider this?

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