How ‘Tano Tena’ turned to be worst nightmare for Kalenjins

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The Kalenjin community has been the cry baby in the Jubilee government from the empty promises they were given.

From being sidelined from the government projects to being a ‘targeted’ group in fighting corruption, Kalenjins are having a long day.

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With that said, they have a reason to regret why they had to vote two times only to retain Uthamaki leader.

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Since handshake took over, Ruto and allies have acted as opposition of this country under Tangatanga batalion.

As a rivalry, the Mount Kenya leaders have formed their own Kieleweke which might be the end of Ruto and Kalenjins.

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Fast forward, President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed new ambassadors of Kenya in foreign countries and things are not good.

In the 18 appointed, there is no single Kalenjin. 13 appointees are Kikuyus whereas Luhya, Luo, Kamba, and other tribes took one slot each.

So where is the government where the president has all Kenyans at heart?

The Kalenjins are bitter knowing that Uhuruto is dead and that the Tano Tena they chanted is turning to be Tano Terror.

Does this mean that Ruto has no say and does this translates to zero chance of DP being Uhuru’s successor?

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