City Lawyer Assa Nyakundi’s wife turns against DPP, DCI in a damning revelation

Assa Nyakundi

Nairobi Lawyer Assa Nyakundi’s wife has turned against DCI George Kinoti and said that she was not involved when the state decided to withdraw the manslaughter charges against her husband.

Nyakundi was on Friday last week charged with manslaughter for shooting dead his son, Joseph Bogonko Nyakundi, on March 17, in Nairobi.

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However, according to Kinoti, the two senior officers alongside two prosecutors allegedly engaged in a “cover up” in a case where the city lawyer is suspected of shooting and killing his son last month.

Mrs. Nyakundi on Friday lamented that the decision to withdraw the manslaughter charges was made without her involvement or the consideration of the families views and the DPP, DCI and the trial court have violated her rights as a victim .

She has also faulted the Prosecution actions of revealing and disclosing her names and that of her son as witnesses for the state.

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Lydia Nyakundi now wants the High Court to issue a conservatory orders staying the decision in Criminal Case No.704 0f 2019 of allowing the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) unilateral decision of withdrawing the manslaughter charges preferred against Advocate Assa Nyakundi.

“High ranking officers from the offices of the 1st and 2nd Respondent have even gone to an extent of making public announcements through their constant interactions with the media that the Petitioner and his son-Noah Nyakundi are among the key prosecution witnesses, a fact that is hostile to the Victim protection’s Act.,” says Lydia

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In her affidavit, Lydia says that on the March 17, 2019 she regrettably learnt from her husband- that he had accidentally shot their son Joseph Bogonko Nyakundi and was rushing him to Aga Khan Hospital for specialised treatment, care and attention.

She goes to says that she left the Mater Hospital where she had gone to visit a friend’s son who had been admitted therein and proceeded to Aga Khan Hospital where she was met with the devastating news about the demise of his beloved son.

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