‘Unakaa jambazi’ Kenyans laugh at DK Kwenye Beat hairstyle

Gospel Artiste DK Kwenye Beat has left Kenyas tongue wagging after he showed off his new hairstyle.

Lately gospel musicians have been stepping out in new looks and DK is not an exception.

The Singer is known for rocking his long dreadlocks and he recently shared a photo of the locks appearing to be short.

This look has not impressed Kenyans at all and some have suggested that he should go back to his old look.

A couple days ago, Bahati’s change of his hair triggered so many reactions and his fans seemed to differ on whether he should maintain the long dreadlocks or not.

Some of DK’s fans think that DK sold his dreadlocks to Bahati and he ended up looking funny.


Uliuzia @bahatikenyarasta 😆😆😆

What Kenyans do not understand is that DK still has his dreadlocks and his new look is just a temporary one which is a hack to make curls on his long locks.

His fans descended on him with funny reactions to show their disapproval in regard to his new look..

Have a look


Siku hizi gospel imekua ya kubadilisha mahairstyles tu So weezdom
Si Bahati
Si Masterpiece
Si DJ Celeb

Wish we could focus on purpose rather than kufeed flesh.Hata Mimi Si perfect.Na Si judge.


Ziiiiiiiiiiii haiwezi…. 🤧🤧🤧


My father God come and see the children you sent to come and spread your word🤨🤨

Image result for you look funny memes


Hii buda hapana…rudisha tu dready


Ambia bahati akurudushie dready zako pls


Bro hii hapana

Image result for dk kwenye beat


Waaah this guy will show us things…wharathese now🙆….this guy has issues….


Nope unakaa jambazi


When the glory of God leaves.


Like seriously 😧 😡 boss hauna stylist???


What’s happening in Kenya with this kind of hairstyle for gospel artist is alarming @bahatikenya 
Ama ni maono


When I thought I had seen it all,,, then boom, this one pops

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