Instagram Stories Includes Chat Sticker For More Interaction With Followers

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Instagram is working on a new ‘Join Chat Sticker’ on its most popular feature the Instagram stories.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher based in Hong Kong, the Sticker, which will appear alongside current options such as Location, Poll and Questions, will make it easier for users to interact with their followers.

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Posting a screenshot of the Sticker on Twitter , Ms Wong explained: “As stated in the app: ‘People who view your story can request to join this group chat.’”

It remains unclear when Instagram plans to roll out the Sticker to users.

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Instagram Stickers currently available:

– Donation (only available to some users)

– Quiz 

– Countdown

– Questions

– Music

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– Poll

– Emoji Slider

– Location

– Hashtag

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– Current Time

– Current Weather

– Selfie

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