IFIKIE WAZAZI! Top 5 things Every Campus Lady does that Parents are Oblivious of

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I loved my campus days. I mean, we all did right? The exams are not anything to go by but meeting a few genuine friends here and there, kept our life quite bearable.

Campus has its moments, the culture shock sometimes can be life threatening but if others made it through, who were we?

Some Kenyan parents might not know what goes down in campus, maybe because they have not created a mutual relationship with their youngins, like a close and open relationship for proper communication. One that will help their kids open up.

All the same, some of us graduated well, we told our folks what they needed to know and what they shouldn’t know, because you know how African parents get.

So you think your campus going daughter is all that innocent? Well, think again; if you only knew the things she does in school. Here are some of those things that she does in campus that you probably never knew about:

Moved out of campus hostels ages ago

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Your daughter to whom you religiously send money every semester for the hostel fees actually leaves off campus in a two-bedroomed house or in a bachelor’s pad miles away from where you think you left her.

  • Rarely sleeps in the hostel, if she hasn’t moved out yet

 It is not a secret that most campus girls almost always sleep out; they are either clubbing, or at their boyfriends’ places.

  • Often rolls in town with men driving big cars

That conceited young man in a Range Rover that sharply cuts infront of you could well be chauffeuring your daughter to some place you never imagined she could go. After these escapades he will mostly likely drop her at the campus hotel with ‘full chondos’ (meaning fully loaded with cash) to the envy of her comrades.

  • She’s a party animal
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Well, it turns out that Wednesday is the new Friday in campus. The weekend starts quite early with party alerts beginning to do the rounds on Tuesday.

Entries to most of these parties are usually free or the charges are minimal. While you could be thinking you are educating your daughter, you may as well be rearing a wild party animal.

  • Cliques! Cliques! Cliques
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Every hostel has one, either it’s the one for the popular girls, or the one for those who speak vernacular. Or maybe that one that has the most religious people. Generally, human beings crave for a sense of belonging; your daughter is no different.

  • She lives off a ‘sponsors’ money

There’s a saying in town that goes, smile like you’ve seen your sponsor. Dear parent you who gives your daughter Sh 500 every week with all the peer pressure to keep up with, to cater for her needs, you daughter is most likely topping up her meager stipend with easy cash from middle-aged and old men… am just saying.

  • The ‘c-word’ that you dread is not taboo to her
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 One thing that petrifies college girls is pregnancy; much more than contracting STIs. So if you happen to make an impromptu visit to your little girl’s room one of those weekends, don’t be shocked by the abundance of contraceptives in her humble aboard.

Here’s her simple logic. She uses the contraceptives for your sake because she doesn’t want to disappoint you by getting pregnant while still in campus.

Of course she also wants to have some ‘fun’ with the boys. They say you cannot have your cake and eat it but well, this apparently isn’t the case.

  • Church is a no-go zone for her
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Going to church is something she only does when she is home for the long holidays. In campus, most of her Sundays are spent in bed as she nurses a hangover from days of hard partying.

  • She is inseparable from her phones

Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter are majorly to blame for this annoying habit of her’s. She will be busy either taking selfies, posting them online or simply texting her friends.

Peer pressure is the force that drives her

Every single action or decision of her’s from what she eats, how she dresses, you name it is influenced by the girls and boys around her.

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