Gnashing of Teeth as Sudan Opens Bashir’s Closet of Skeletons

Deposed Sudan strongman Omar Al-Bashir will face charges of money laundering after the oil-rich country’s prosecutor General Al-Waleed Sayyed Ahmed ordered the inquest into the matter.

Early in the week, the former president was transferred to a Prison inside a truck, from where hundreds of protesters hurled stones.

Bashir also faces charges of financing terrorism around the world.

In addition to the charges, the deposed President who ruled Sudan with an iron fist for three decades faces charges of genocide.

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In 2003, the state sponsored armed militia in Darfur which killed at least 300,000 people according to UN reports.

Between the years 1992 and 1996, Al-Qaeda founder and the infamous world terrorist Osama bin Laden lived in Sudan.

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It is from this relationship that Bashir is said to have developed an established method of financing terrorism.

Days after his overthrowing, loads of money in foreign currency were found in Bashir’s residence.

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