FKF President Nick Mwendwa opens up about Corruption in Kenyan Football.

Football Kenya Federation President visited Aga Khan Junior Academy and had a sit-down with some of the Students who has questions for him regarding Corruption in football.

Mwendwa was asked he was aware that some referees are usually bribed and he admitted that to have heard of the cases of match-fixing for betting purposes, referees and players also being bribed.

Match-fixing has been a phenomenal problem, not only affecting Kenya but the whole world.

‘George Otieno’s case happened in 2009 when we were not in the office. But the fact remains this is a syndicate that runs across the world. We cannot fight this vice alone; we have to partner with other stakeholders to fight it as we educate players.’ said Mwendwa in back in February.

The FKF boss he marked three years in office a couple of months ago. When Nick Mwendwa ran for the Football Kenya Federation presidency in 2016, his campaign slogan was “Team Change.” And three years later, the information technology expert feels he has brought the needed change in the beautiful game.

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