America Tightens Immigration Rules: What’s New?

America has tightened its grip on the borders after the Department of Immigration launched an ambitious program to conduct DNA tests to determine parenthood of children entering USA with their parents.

Between the period of October, 2018- March 2019, some 190,000 people entered America through the Mexico-USA border.

Out of these, police believe that most of the people crossed the border with children who are not their own.

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In the new program, immigration officials at the border will administer DNA tests to determine whether the children entering America are genuinely belonging to the people crossing with them.

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In the two-hour exercise, officials will conduct mouth swabs and use a portable rapid DNA analysis kit to determine relationship.

Excitingly, the tests will be able to distinguish distant relationship like Child-Uncle to flag down cheats.

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Also in the border, officials have said they would prosecute cheats on the spot.

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