Wedding invitations in Kenya are turning to Elimination lists

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Have you ever received a wedding invitation from your friend who wants to tie the knot and everything seems okay but the invitation demands are a bit off your reach and you wonder doesn’t ths friend not know their friends and their financial power?

What kind of friends do you have, are they intentionally telling you they do not need your broke self at the weeding them with a gift of a box of spoons and cutlery which you and twenty others brought now they have boxes full of plates and glasses like they are a catering company?

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This also works in the other direction. If I can afford to go to your destination wedding but I just don’t feel like going, I have a valid excuse. For people asking “why invite them?”  You have 40 “close” family members you don’t want to offend but you would prefer a small intimate wedding.

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Everyone gets an invite but half don’t come. You can also NOT invite them.

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