The Best Banks for Kenyan University Students

top banks in Kenya

There is nothing as satisfying as opening up a bank account. Its yours, you can deposit your money, withdraw it, and do so much more.

Finally, some freedom. It’s time to get that degree already and put some shillings in your pocket. With all the dough you’ll be rolling in, you’ll want to open a bank account. We all know stories of friends who got cheated by banks and found money disappearing from their accounts. Don’t let that be you. is a new company in Kenya that actually helps people rate and and review each bank. This is what they came up with and we could not agree more.

1. NIC Bank

With 24 branches in Nairobi, NIC is not the biggest but it is the best, according to its customers. Diana says “don’t have to wait in long queues to be served,” which means you won’t have to waste your time in a bank.

tops 5 banks in kenya
2. I&M Bank

With 27 branches in Nairobi and 42 in Kenya, I&M has rave reviews. Sandra says “Very friendly staff who were also efficient and patient for all my questions.” But it’s not all roses. Seeta warns of “very long waiting times when you try to call in.”

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3. Bank of Africa

Small in Kenya but big across Africa… for good reason. Happy customers. Anne says “The staff are friendly and will guide you towards the right financial direction” and Nzara says “I love the services.” 16 branches in Nairobi.

top banks
4. Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA)

Omari says its “For the trailblazers, entrepreneurs, and wananchi. They help you put monetary control back in your hand.” But new customers, be warned: “The on-boarding process documents can be long and tedious.” 24 branches in Nairobi.

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