Tenacious GVN Mutua lauded for closing rogue Chinese firm

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has embarked on a crackdown on factories polluting Athi River, within the county.

The operation comes just a week after he issued a notice to factories emitting chemicals  and raw sewage into the river, thus affecting millions of people downstream.

“Absolutely unacceptable! We cannot hide our heads in the sand anymore. Yes, these industries are providing jobs to our people but they must be responsible in how they dispose their waste!! Sitachoka! The crackdown continues,” he tweeted.

Walker Industries company in Athi River town, was closed down on Tuesday and its top managers arrested, awaiting prosecution.

“There has been a pending warrant of arrest since March due to officials being compromised, we have shown them that not everyone is up for sale,” said Mutua. Affected companies and estates have 30 and 45 days, respectively, to comply.

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