Sad! A Male Doctor burns himself to death

A 45- year- old doctor known as Gerald Katumanga from Malava has left people shocked after he burnt himself to death after locking himself inside the house in Amalemba, Kakamega County.

Death by burns must be the most painful kind of death and residents were shocked how he decided to adopt such a method to end his life.

Before the incident, the man appeared disturbed. He locked himself inside a house and set himself ablaze.

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Efforts to save him bore no fruits as neighbors could not gain quick access to the house which was locked from inside.

when neigbors were questioned, this is what they had to say,

The fire exploded from the bedroom so we had to use force given that he had locked the door from the inside and the outside.

The fire brigade came and put the fire out but it was too late as he had died in the fire.

It looks like he committed suicide.

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