Kenya in Trouble after ‘Facilitating’ Brutal Sudan Executions

Kenya has been roped into an International outcry after two South Sudan critics were abducted in Nairobi and executed in Juba.

The two South Sudanese initially residing in Kenya were last seen in January 23rd and January 24th of 2017.

They are Dong Samuel Luak, a South Sudanese lawyer and Human Rights Activist, and Aggrey Idri, who is the Chair of Vice President Riek Machar’s Sudan People Liberation Movement In-Oppposition (SPLM-IO).

In a report that has raised tensions between South Sudan and the International community, a committee of experts concluded that the two were abducted in Nairobi and flown to Juba in a government-serviced plane.

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The two were to have a short stay at Sudan’s Internal Security Bureau headquarters in Juba after which they were executed.

In a fit of anger, South Sudan vehemently protested the report of the experts, daring them to conduct fresh investigations.

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Foreign affairs CS Monica Juma

“These people were apprehended in Nairobi. They have not been brought to us. We are not responsible for any disappearance of any South Sudanese around the world,” Michael Makuei, South Sudan’s Minister of Information, told international wire service Reuters on Wednesday.

The UN, however maintains the two were abducted and executed in South Sudan over their alleged criticism of the government’s disrespect for human rights.

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Riek Machar and Dong Samuel Luak

“Once in the South Sudanese capital, the two men were taken to an ISB detention facility in the compound that serves as the National Security Service headquarters, commonly known as “the Blue House,” says the investigation report.

“It is highly probable that Mr Idri and Mr Luak were executed by ISB agents at the Luri facility on January 30, 2017 on orders from Lieutenant General Akol Koor Kuc,” notes the UN.

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While Ambassador Monica Juma was not available for comment at the time, Amnesty International leaders condemned the manner in which the two were killed, calling on the two countries to stop the denial.

“Both governments must end the blanket denials now, tell the families and the world what exactly happened to the two men and bring those responsible to account,” said Mr Seif Magango, AI deputy director for East Africa, the Horn, and Great Lakes Region.

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