How Kenyan Men Break Up With Girls

signs you need to breakup with your boyfriend

This world will make you see wonders…mostly in the form of Kenyan Men. Has someone ever broken up with you with the most ridiculous reasons?

Imagine you are in a long term stable relationship or at the beginning of a relationship and everything goes up in dumpster fire flames. You stay calm, I mean you did not fight and things were going pretty well. Let’s go through some ridiculous reasons a man will break up with you.

1.It’s not you, it’s me

Siiiigh. What does this mean even? Explain with diagrams. What about you exactly is so terrible that we need to leave this relationship haraka upesi. Can you see how people carry us avocado?

f**ck boy - rihanna- zumi
2.I want to focus on me first

Did you have a vision of your future life and I wasn’t in it. What happened? No break it down in a blow by blow account of how you feel that you cannot focus on me and you at the same time. Multi-tasking? Have you heard of it?

3.You’re too difficult

WAU! Did you just figure this out, just this minute? I mean what you see, is what you get? What was it that finally pushed you over the edge? There hasn’t been a spike in my crazy lately, so what exactly is the problem?

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4.You’re coming between me and my religion

Listen, all religions teaches us that you should love your neighbour as you love yourself so…I don’t know fam. How are you going to explain this break up? How fam? Religion is all about peace and love and there is definitely not going to be any peace and love right now.

Image result for side eye

Relationships have some ups and downs. The moral of this story is… If someone doesn’t want you to be you sis. Let them GOOOO!

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