You’re definitely not as Fat as you think… Here’s why

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Society has a way of making you feel like you’re not perfect, when you add a bit of weight people tell you you’re fat and when you’re too small people tell you, you need to eat. People seem to always have a solution to all your problems which just make you feel insecure and you’re always trying to measure up to societal standards. Well here is a bit of a reality check that will remind you that you’re not as fat as you think.

1. Your weight really hasn’t changed

If your weight hasn’t really changed, what’s the big deal? Fine, maybe you didn’t lose the weight you wanted but if you haven’t gained anything you still have a chance to be healthier without feeling horrible.

signs you're not as fat as you think
2. It’s all in your mind

Sometimes you need to stop thinking less of yourself. You may not be a size 0 but then again we are all different, you should embrace your curves, your beauty and don’t stop yourself because of what people think.

signs you're not as fat as you think
3. Your clothes still fit you

They still fit right? If they do then what is the problem? You’re still the same size that you were last year and if they feel tighter but they still fit, it’s definitely a sign that you ought to be healthier but don’t be hard on yourself.

signs you're not as fat as you think
4. You wear clothes that make you look big

Because you think you’re big you wear baggy clothes which actually make you look bigger. Wear nice fitting clothes for your body size and trust me you will feel and look better.

signs you're not as fat as you think
5. You always compare yourself to other people

Why are you comparing yourself to people that you will never be? You will never be the person you compare yourself to but you can be the best version of yourself. Our bodies are all different, so you shouldn’t compare your body to someone’s else because that’s unfair to yourself.

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6. You can still perform physical activities

You’re able to walk, perform your chores and psychically move around without collapsing. You may be big or even small but incredibly unhealthy just because you don’t workout, that has more to do with your inside not your outside. But if you’re not in any health condition because of your weight, you need to relax.

signs you're not as fat as you think
7. You’re not thin but your’re not obese either so what’s the big deal?

You’re probably a medium, a medium is that place in between big and small, you’re just there. So please, do not beat yourself up because you can only be you and you should enjoy that.

signs you're not as fat as you think

You should not live this life trying to make yourself perfect for anyone. Yes, it’s good to be healthy and if you feel like you need to workout then just do it. But you can always work for the body you want but you must love the body you’re in.

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