SECURE THE BAG! How to get Permanent Employment after Internship in Kenya

In this Kenyan life, once you finally get any job, you start at the bottom, and that’s not a guarantee that the job is there to stay.

You want to make a good impression in your internship to increase your chances of securing a job when you complete your probation period.

Here are three life lessons I have learnt, that will make you hireable in any job.

1. Take the initiative 

Internship positions can often be overwhelming because first you are in a new environment and you are frequently dealing with individuals that you admire, for one day you hope to reach where they’re career-wise.

It can also be a very slow internship, to begin with at least, because of there being a limit to what you can do. So when the days are slower, it is advisable to be proactive and find work that needs doing. For instance, if you are interning at a fashion company you can steam clothes they need for shoots or if it is an office you can file their paperwork and tidy up their file cabinets.

Make a point to ask questions that will give you a better direction of what they would want you to do. However, you will find that it is sometimes on you to create work and really think for yourself. If you learn to take initiative you will create the right positive attention and increase your chances of them asking you to come back when you complete your degree.

2. Respect other people’s time

Time and money work side by side. So when it comes to working for someone it is important that it is clear to the employer that you respect their time, by always making sure you arrive to work on time and always achieve work targets either in accordance with the deadlines set or even earlier.

Always remember, that to be early is to arrive ahead of time and to be late is to arrive on time, and being late is unacceptable.

3. Don’t worry about the future

Don’t waste your energy wanting things to work perfectly and also expecting clarity of what the future has in store for you. As you start out your career, let your focus be on just enjoying the experience and the journey you take as you build your repertoire within your career field.

When you begin to do this you swap your worry for learning, and when you focus on learning you begin to see your growth. Growth will then lead to you having a better sense of direction of what it is your good at and therefore gain the clarity you seek on what to focus on

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