Opiyo Wandayi Destroys ODM party, Blames it for Useless Governors

Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi has laid another scorchy attack on his party ODM party after challenging it to change governor nomination laws so that aspirants are vetted based on competency as opposed to political standings.

He said subjecting governor aspirants to party nominations by universal suffrage is the reason a number of “counties have failed to get competent people for the job.”

Wandayi, who is also ODM Political Affairs Secretary, said holders of the governor position, being managerial, should not be chosen through a political process and that the move will make county governments the engines of development as spelled out in the devolved dispensation.

There is need to have competent managers as governors who should be identified through a round-table vetting exercise with less political rhetoric.” “The current nomination system cannot offer competent governors other than political animals who are more in politics than in development,” he added.

“I am going to present the proposal so that the party vets aspirants with the aim of identifying a candidate to contest with others from other parties in the general election.” The Ugunja MP further said that the move will create room for more qualified candidates to occupy the post and deal with the chaos that have marred nominations over the years.

The Public Accounts Committee chair said interviews will save electorates the agony of undergoing sham nomination The MP said the selection panel will set criteria from which they can ascertain that a contestant has the perfect managerial skills to spur development in the county.

Wandayi said those interested in the seat will have to present their Curriculum Vitaes (CVs) for consideration by the party. “We want the nomination system to be so peaceful that those who fail congratulate those who have passed,” Wandayi added. He said animosity experienced during nominations, and before the main elections, has made it difficult for elected governors to deliver.

Wandayi said the vetting should be conducted one year before the general elections to give room for unqualified aspirants to settle for other things and that those who will be found unfit for the position will be encouraged to vie for other elective seats or support the preferred candidate “The current nomination process is a waste of time, resources and creates enmity among party members and lovers. It has been subjecting electorates to a double election process that can be avoided,” he said.

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