ISSA D’SASTER!! Ladies beware of these traits in Kenyan Men

signs he is a fake Christian guy

A man can speak so highly about his Dick game only for the deed to be done, you’re left lying on the bed thinking to yourself ” What the hell was that?”. ( And I don’t mean this in a good way).

It’s such a shame that we usually spot how bad a man is in bed, once we’ve actually gotten into bed with him.  So, there you are, looking at him feeling all accomplished and all; when in reality you never got the satisfaction he said he’D give to you. Here are pointers that will help you know he’s bad in bed, before getting D’icked down.

1. He brags about his previous sex-capades

If a man goes on and on about his previous sex experiences, then he most likely sucks in bed. A good man, never brags about his sexual history, but instead let’s his actions speak for him.

6 Signs He'll Be Lousy In Bed
2. He devours his food hurriedly

Beware of guys who eat like there is no tomorrow. You even wonder where he’s going with the food. lol. If a man eats his food in a messy, quick and noisy manner, then best believe he’s the same way in the bedroom. He’s just as sloppy (bad sloppy) in the bedroom as his eating habits. He is the type of guy to rush things in bed and within 5 minutes or less.

6 Signs He'll Be Lousy In Bed
3. He’s unkempt and messy

If this type of man even tries to approach you, run as fast as you can boo. A clean, well shaven man is a god in bed. A messy, untidy, unkempt man. . . Well, I don’t mean to be mean or anything but; this means that first of all his D’ is as dirty as he looks on the outside and secondly, he’s just dirty everywhere.

6 Signs He'll Be Lousy In Bed
4. He ain’t got no rhythm

If you can’t notice anything about him from how he walks, talks, dresses and carries himself, then his bedroom game is close to nonexistent. If he walks funny, dresses funny and talks funny too, then he sure as hell don’t deserve a woman like you. His character and sense of style says a lot about him.

6 Signs He'll Be Lousy In Bed
5. Lousy AF kisser

If he doesn’t even know how to make out with you, let alone french kiss. . then we have a huge problem on our hands. Instead of kissing you properly, his lips are all over the place, his saliva keeps getting in the way. Just know that when it comes to eating you out, it’s gonna be more of teeth and less of tongue.

6 Signs He'll Be Lousy In Bed
6. He’s hot and cold

You express your interest in the man and you both get to talking and all that. He is smart, smells good and is good looking. Although, there is a bit of a problem. . he seems to get easily distracted. If your out on a date, you notice that he is not maintaining eye contact and he seems to be searching the room for someone better and entertaining than you. This is the man you don’t pay attention to no matter what. He’s the guy who, when you’re in the bedroom and you’re going down on him, his facial expression remains the same and it looks like his mind is somewhere else. Same thing applies to you; you want him to eat you out and make you feel good, but he only insists on you satisfying him and pays less attention to your needs. Bruh, BYEEE!

6 Signs He'll Be Lousy In Bed

Come on ladies, you don’t need this kind of negativity in your life. You need a man who knows his way around you and your needs.  Better you see the signs and take the next turn, rather than being blinded by charm. Sometimes what you see, isn’t what you get. So girl, be aware of the D’ saster.

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