How the Kenyatta family saved JKIA from China

A lot has been said about Uhuru and Raila’s trip to China, where they were denied the 368 billion to extend the SGR from Naivasha to Kisumu.

Raila landed back in the country like a rained on chicken on Tuesday. There have been stories that the government could not agree with the loan terms, which required the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport as collateral.

This is according to lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi. We know the grand Mulla is well connected and is speaking from an informed point of view.

But why? Why didn’t they agree to this? We all know that the government does not make rational decisions. Well, there have been one theory that has just refused to go away.

Some people believe that the government could not allow this deal to go through because someone somewhere already has plans for the biggest airport in East Africa. The big family,

The management of JKIA has become a major issue in recent times after the government pushed for Kenya Airports Authority to give the airport to Kenya Airways (KQ). On Tuesday, KQ announced that it had made more than 7 billion in losses in the past financial year.

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Kenyans have questioned why the airport should be managed by a loss making entity. It has since emerged that the Kenyatta family has interests in KQ and wants to recoup some of their loans if the company is allowed to manage JKIA.

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