‘Thou shall not gossip’, Pope Francis’s message to Mshene crew

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Some people have an outrageous behavior of backstabbing their friends or workmates.

These backbiters will carry the most news and cause others to lose their vital place in whatsoever organization they are a part of.

However, Pope Francis has often warned against gossiping among friends and neighbours, but now he says it should also be avoided in those modern temples of cheap talk.

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The pope exhorted some 230 Italian Catholic hair cutters, stylists and beauticians on a group pilgrimage to Rome to “avoid falling into the temptation of gossip that is easily associated with your work”.

Instead, they should pursue their profession “with Christian style, treating clients with gentleness and courtesy, offering them always a good word and encouragement,” he said.

Francis noted their patron saint is Saint Martin de Porres: a 16th century barber-surgeon who joined the Dominican order in Peru and spent much of his life helping the poor and sick.

Italian barbers and beauty parlours are traditionally closed on Mondays, which is why the group chose their day off to visit the Vatican.

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