Sonko Spills Rare Nuggets of Widom; Take a Look

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Mike Mbuvi Sonko, the Nairobi governor has been a man of many hats. a family man, a political leader, a philanthropist, and now he has come out to offer some advice to people living in Nairobi. The Nairobi Elder

Taking to social media Mike Sonko wrote a number of insightful points that can help people in life.

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He made sure he touched all spheres of life from good relations with neighbors and family, investments, lifestyle all of them.

Here are some of the key points that Sonko highlighted.

If you want to live long, don’t take Kenyan politicians seriously. NEVER EVER….that is my humble piece of advice.

Your family and relatives are some of your most important assets you have. They will stand by you in your most difficult times. Treat them well ALWAYS.

If you are starting those small scale businesses like Milk bar, Kinyozi, Salon, Car wash, pub etc,make sure you invest in CCTV cameras.Your employees can make that place their cash cow. I have been there

In your work place don’t be the reason why somebody loses their job. Don’t be the reason why some family will sleep hungry, a guy gets auctioned or some old mother in the rural areas is not sent her monthly upkeep. If you must fire somebody, make sure it is VERY
VERY VERY necessary. Don’t be trigger happy when it comes to firing guys and putting people on unnecessary PIPs, some prayers and tears can haunt you.

High School and College grades are very irrelevant out here. Don’t expect life to treat you with a safe pair of gloves just because u scored As or u were good in cramming a certain professor’s notes. Lose that sense of entitlement and hustle hard like everyone else lest you die poor.

Always let your wife make all hiring and firing decisions about househelps. Never ever be seen to be siding with your househelp. NEVER.

Here is mike Sonko’s post, take a look at the other points and learn something.

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