Police Officer Detained for concealing vital information on Firearm Theft

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It is expected of a police officer to report immediately in case of a lost firearm or any other weapon that can be used by criminals to advance crime. However, this one did not report when he lost the firearm. This raises questions on whether he lost it or he is hiding something fishy.

Read the story and tell whether you think he lost it or its just a lie.

A Bodyguard attached to Bomet Senator Christopher Lang’at was arrested and detained at the Lang’ata police station for allegedly losing his firearm.

The police officer identified as Mr. Peter Sigey reportedly lost his gun following a robbery incident that took place at Pipeline-Ransami area, in Embakasi on Monday evening.

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He was arrested after reporting about the robbery at Embakasi police station. While reporting the matter, the police officer only said that he had lost Sh10,000. However, he did not mention losing his firearm.


He was summoned after his superiors got wind that he had also lost his Ceska firearm of serial number B021194 which had 12 rounds of ammunition.

“He did not mention of loss of firearm until he was summoned by his seniors at the camp when they got wind that the officer had lost a firearm,” read a report filed at the Lang’ata police station.

Investigations into the matter is ongoing.

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