MAMA NANI! Type of Neighbours everyone in Nairobi has Ever had

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Now I know for a fact, everyone has judgements on their home neighbours. We have many types of them the most common being the group of Mamas who discuss your to your parents after every small thing…Tsk Smh

Unless you are living in a multi-acre residence in one of Nairobi’s suburbs or you own a mega ranch somewhere, you probably know a thing or two about neighbors.

Some are crazy, some are evil and some are the best you will ever wish for. Here are the types of neighbors we have all had at some point:

1. The ever silent neighbour.

You know they exist, but not sure if they do.  No kind of noise ever comes from their house too. So quiet and mysterious you might think they are a terrorist hiding from the CIA.

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2. The guy that keeps trying to seduce you and he’s not your type.

He keeps timing you. When you open the door, he opens his. You try to avoid him but you keep bumping into him

Source: Huffington Post

3. The gossip champion.

Eagerly airs the unsolicited dirty laundry of nearby residents with little to no regard for truth. In fact, the more sensational and elaborated, the better! The gossip champion pretends to be friendly, but in reality, she is just covertly scavenging for juicy information about you to broadcast next door.


Source: Smart Company

4. The neighbor that won’t stop borrowing. 

This time it’s a cup of salt and the next time it’s your iron box. This is the neighbor who makes complete utilization of the word “help” and will constantly keep borrowing things from you.

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5. The neighbor that is always fighting with her man.

It’s always Wrestlemania season with this one. Most of the time, they have to be separated by other neighbors. The funny thing is that they never break up.

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6. The neighbor that always invites you for food or brings some over.

You wish you could have a food budget like theirs. Whatever this neighbor cooks, they always find it appropriate to share with their neighbors.

Sunny Anderson, host of Cooking for Real, adds caramelized red peppers to her cheese steak.

7. The neighbor that always has something to complain about you. 

This neighbor is just too fussy about everything you do from hanging your clothes on their free line to having a social event at your home. Every single thing you do bothers them and they are just waiting to gun you down!

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8. The neighbor that won’t stop visiting you.

Personal space? No. That’s like calculus to this neighbor. She doesn’t understand what that is. This neighbor will literally stay in your house like she helps you pay rent. More often than not she crosses the line and you feel like telling them off. But then you don’t want to have an enemy next door.

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Source: Baby Gis

9. The cool neighbor.

This neighbor doesn’t make noise or look for trouble. She doesn’t seem to have any problem with anyone and just takes life as it comes. She socializes with everyone and helps out whenever there is a problem. She’s a neighbor everyone would love to have.

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Source: XoJane

 10. The neighbor whose kid loves you too much.

Then there’s that neighbor whose kid loves you even more than they love their own brothers and sisters. They’ll knock on your door a million times asking for small favors or just wanting to hang out with you but you won’t mind.

Kitenge fashion for kids kenya style

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11. The peeping one.

This neighbor can make a good spy. And she is addicted to the window. The curtain probably has her fingerprints all over given the number of times it’s slightly adjusted so this neighbor can take a look at what the humans nearby are up to.

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Source: Fire Memes

12. The bedroom soundtrack neighbor.

Everyone should make love or have sex, whichever, but the soundtrack neighbor is going to make sure everyone hears it, too. You can’t help but wish this problematic neighbor could be silenced with closed windows or thicker walls (or even unified protests by the rest of the neighbors.)

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