CRUEL! Solai squatters Face police Wrath amid Evictions

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Police officers in Nakuru were forced to use teargas during the eviction of 55 squatter families from the Ndururumo Farm in lower Solai.

The squatters who have been living on the 709-acre piece of land for more than 20 years, were opposed to the eviction and held demonstrations that paralysed transport on the Subukia-Nyahururu highway for several hours as police engaged them in running battles.

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The squatters who spoke to journalists said they were unaware of the evictions as they had not been served with a notice. Led by Mr James Emase, they called on the government to be humane and think about their welfare as squatters who have lived on the farm for more than 20 years.

“The government should hear our cry. Why demolish our houses without issuing us with a notice? We want justice over this matter,” said Emase.

The demolitions were conducted by Tango auctioneers who were acting on a court order.

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Mr John Muthee, a director at the auctioneering firm, said the landowner procured their services after the squatters refused to heed a vacate notice. 4321`The execution of the court order was also witnessed by the area OCS and OCPD.

“We cannot be blamed for the evictions because we are acting on a court order,” said Mr Muthee.

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