Chandeliers That Will Make You Home An Art Emporium

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Chandeliers are something to behold. You actually live without them, but having them adds the je ne sais quoi in your home. Just like any décor, there are rules to buying chandeliers depending on the room, personal taste and the general theme.

You need to know your options before shopping so as to make the best choice. They are also not restricted to sitting rooms only although they are the most common place to put these stunning fixtures.

Whether it’s for the kitchen, balcony bedroom or bathroom, there are types of chandeliers to beautify any space.

Crystals Chandelier

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Let your living space shine bright like a diamond with this type of chandelier. It’s glamourous thus should be somewhere more conspicuous. However, it can be a bit distracting for the sitting room. If you have an entryway or dining room, a crystal chandelier adds an elegant touch bringing a welcoming feeling to the space. Additionally, they come in all kinds of designs to suit your taste and budget. You don’t have to break the bank to get a crystal chandelier.

Candle With Shade Chandelier

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It’s not made out of real candle holders but resembles the concept. This type of chandelier fits perfectly in your sitting room if you’re looking for a simple yet romantic ambience.

Its traditional look adds warmth and it often has multiple extensions thus bringing more light into the room. If you have a rustic theme, this chandelier will be a great addition.

Waterfall Chandelier

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High ceilings are the most suitable for these types of chandeliers since they drip downwards. They are made from crystal drips which give this chandelier a waterfall illusion hence the name. Apart from being elegant, waterfall chandeliers complement a natural theme. Therefore, they look best in open spaces with natural light. They’re also not the most functional types of chandeliers in the market as it’s mainly decorative.

Geometric Chandelier

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This is a minimalistic, modern style with striking shapes that will leave you and your guests mesmerized. This style works for neutral rooms that host different people. Addition, it’s a good fit for a sitting room or kitchen where you don’t need the distraction but want to add oomph. It can also be a great balcony fixture.

Shaded Chandelier

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You may have spotted them somewhere. They might be the most common type of chandeliers. If you’re trying to add more light into your room, go for the shaded chandeliers. They project the light through their covers making a room look brighter and cozier. Additionally, they provide solid lighting hence more people opting for them. But they can also be stylish depending on the design.

Island Chandelier

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Finally, the last but definitely not the least. They may look long, delicate or extravagant. You’re not wrong. Some island chandeliers stretch as wide as 44 inches. However, what they lack in practicality, they more than makeup for it in style. They are exquisite and a must-have for a modern big kitchen or over a dining room table.

Your house will feel like a home with any of these magnificent chandeliers.

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